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B.A (Bachelor Of Arts)

B.A specifies as Bachelor of Arts, an extreme and vibrant program for undergraduate youngsters for today that they can pursue right after their class 12th ends. 

NGFDC highlights few facts about B.A Program:

  • It is a 3 years full time undergraduate program.
  • Students being a part of a B.A Course, the student needs to study five major compulsory subjects along with the few elective subjects as per the curriculum and the selective discipline they have opt for. 
  • We believe in the upcoming trends and therefore have provided options under B.A Course in various disciplines such as English, HindiGeography,  and Journalism & Mass Communication.

Skill Set For Applicants:

A Student, seeking for a B.A Course needs to have interest in the discipline choosen to pursue in the course. Some key skills are pointed down:

  • Organized.
  • Inquisitive.
  • Intellectually curious.
  • Fluent in language.
  • Good Writer.
  • Logical.

B.A Job Profile:

Some of the general overview of the opportunities that students can seek on a general platform is shared here.

On completion of this degree course, candidates can move forward to seek M.A degree in the same discipline in which the graduation was pursued. Candidates who would be willing to make a career in teaching line can opt for a B.Ed course on completing their BA degree.

Government Entrance Exams, one of the finest jobs that every student dreams for. Graduating from B.A Course, interested students are eligible to appear for almost all the Govt. Entrance Exam.

However, aspirants can also apply on pursuing a job right after completing their B.A graduation. 

Some popular job profiles are:

  • Content Writer:  This job profile needs a good research about information online or offline mode and create an original content for the medium as well the Organization that they are employed at.
  • Social Worker: A profile that one needs to identify and thereafter help humankind to cope with the problems at hand.
  • Airhostess/ Flight StewardThis profile is from Aviation Industry and is solely responsible for ensuring the safety and security of passengers on board an aircraft. Apart from this, an airhostess/ flight steward also serves refreshment to passengers on an aircraft.


Bachelor of Arts in English aims, at introducing a wide diversified of literature in the English language. Focusing into the program, the course mainly aims to offer for eligible students the opportunity to read and respond to a wide range of novels, plays and also poetry across different genres. Also, students are given quite a big exposure given to the sector of political issues and the socio-cultural in relation to contemporary environment of English Literature.

The program emphasizes on the components such as literary analyses, cultural diversity in literature, critical thinking, and written and skills on oral communication through an accurate syllabus of literature, composition, language and linguistics and studies to communication.

The course essentially aims to:

  • It helps strengthen the students’ linguistic capabilities in both theoretical lessons as well as practical sessions.
  • Helps to introduce the enrolled students to the factors like political, social, cultural, economic and intellectual backgrounds of the various periods in the history of literary.
  • To help candidates in specializing in their chosen area by means of the electives subjects included in the curriculum.
  • It offers a deep insight into the world of literature and helps in enabling the students to critically appreciate the major literary works of the world.

Career Prospective:

Graduates of this discipline on English Literature are lucratively hired in these Industries such as below

  • Media and Journalism.
  • Publishing industry.
  • Teaching & research.
  • Advertising & Marketing.
  • HR/ Administration jobs in public and private sector.
  • Hospitality industry.
  • Translators.
  • Content Developers.
  • Civil Services.
  • Writer, Editor, Publisher, Researcher.
  • Communicator.
  • Public Relation Officer.
  • Speech Writer, Travel Writer, Blogger, Reviewer.


The word Geography can be broken divided into further the two basic of “GEO” and “GRAPHY.” The word Geo comes from origin Greek word for Earth (Gaea, meaning earth, derives from the Greek as well). 

Pursuing Bachelor of Arts in Geography, which is a full time 3 years course with a minimum eligibility of intermediate qualification in any stream. It is the study of the earth, including aspects such as topography, land and attributes, people and development. Subjects that are covered in the discipline are on Environment and Ecology, The Fundamentals of Remote Sensing and GIS, The Statistical Techniques, The Spatial Analysis, The Advanced Physical Geography, The Contemporary Human Geography, The Computer Aided Mapping, The Thematic Atlas, The Spatial Economic Systems, The Management of Natural Resource, The Political Geography, The Agricultural Geography, The Social Geography of India, The Urban Settlement System, The Regional Development, The Cultural Geography, The Hydrology and The Water Resource Management, The Environmental Impact Assessment, The Geography of Landscape, The Demography and Population Policy, The Health, Environment and Society are  among the others.

The course essentially aims to:

  • It helps strengthen the students’ all-over capabilities in both theoretical lessons as well as practical sessions.
  • Helps to introduce the enrolled students to the related factors from all backgrounds of the various periods in the history of geography.
  • To help candidates in specializing in their chosen area by means of the electives subjects included in the curriculum.
  • It offers a deep insight into the world of landscape/topography/physical features etc., and helps in enabling the students to critically appreciate the major literary findings of the world.

Career Prospectus:

Career in any field is worth studying in today’s global market, every subject tends create job in one way or the other and therefore the subject geography has not left itself behind. Career prospective in geography has boomed since ages and therefore if none of the below geography careers are appealing a fresh graduate, still plenty of options available for a fresher. The skills that one gained during your degree program would also be useful for job and career in a wide range of other industries, like from commerce and the public sector, to transport and tourism too.

  • Cartographer.
  • Environmental consultant.
  • Town planner.
  • Geographical information systems officer.
  • Conservation officer.
  • Recycling officer.
  • Landscape architect.
  • Teacher/lecturer.


Bachelor of Arts in Hindi introduces students to both basic and advanced learning in Hindi Literature and the Language. Students during this program are introduced to the in-depth nuances and get an understanding of topics like History of Hindi Literature, Prose, One-Act Plays, Translation, Applied Grammar, Linguistics, etc. Students engaged in this course are exposed to various fundamentals of Hindi as a language. They are provided with a deep understanding of the subject and also exposed to literary works of famous writers like Munshi Premchand, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, Harishankar Parsai, etc.

This course aims at educating students about the rich heritage of both the Hindi Language and Literature. This course aims to the learning of the students about how the modern form of Hindi language has been developed from Sanskrit, Urdu, Khadi Boli and various other Vernacular forms of Hindi. 

The students are exposed to various literary works written in the language. It is a perfect choice for students who wish to understand the language and literature written in it. 

For getting admission to this program, a student must have passed 10+2 examination with Hindi as one of the compulsory subjects. Duration of the course is 3 years in which there are six semesters i.e., two semester in one year.

Career Prospects:

Students of B.A Hindi get opportunities in both government and private sectors. 

  • News agencies to business services.
  • Students can also opt for teachers if the field interests them. 
  • Jobs in translating companies.
  • NGOs.

Fetching Higher Degree:

On completion of the course a graduate can opt for further studies. An obvious choice is M.A in Hindi Literature. There are other good opportunities like M.A in Journalism (Hindi) or in Journalism & Mass Communication with a specialization in Hindi Patrika. They can also pursue a Post-Graduate Diploma in Functional Hindi and Translation or a in Hindi Journalism. After the completion students can pursue Bachelor of Education after the course for a career in Education.


Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication is a three years duration undergraduate degree program, for students who seek their future in building career in the field of journalism and mass communication. On successful completion of the course candidates will be able to pursue as well as refine their skills of gathering, transmitting, and delivering information to a large-scale of spectators.

Making career in news channels, newspapers, publishing corporate, television, radio or internet for BJMC students has a huge scope with a healthy and high remuneration.

Skill-set for JMC Candidates:

  • Skills for interviewing
  • Skills for Analytical 
  • Research well
  • Problem-solving 
  • Well-observation ability
  • Ready to work under rough condition


Various Job opportunities are available for students with a JMC degree both in government and private sectors.

Given below are few job roles for JMC degree holders:

    • Video Jockey.
    • Reporter.
    • Copywriter.
    • Creative Director.
    • Editor/ Sub-Editor.
    • Radio Jockey.
    • Public Relation and the list go on…

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